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Since and at this time, web blog hosted the Best Pinoy Tambayan website, it has had to rely entirely on the detailed disclaimer given to the Blog Body of Best Pinoy Tambayan. While this form of disclaimer is usually sufficient to protect a blogger from legal responsibility, it falls short of innately offensive content, websites from their eyes, and writers who are highly apprehensive of being brought to court. With the above firmly in view, we suggest the following disclaimer:

... The vision expressed by the authors on Best Pinoy Tambayan does not inherently reflect the outlook of the blog Best Pinoy Tambayan, the author himself, the author's mother, uncle, step relationship, father, relatives, sister, grandparents, brother, aunt, any other blood relative and the web host of this website ...

...Comments on Best Pinoy Tambayan are the sole responsibility of their writers, and the author will be fully liable, responsible, and charge for any vilification or litigation that may have the effect of writing rather in or as a direct result of a bit in print in a comment. Precision, completeness, honesty, integrity, accuracy, factuality and good manners of comment are not guaranteed.

... Although it may be stated otherwise, Best Pinoy Tambayan does not propose legal, medical, psychiatric, campanological, veterinary, hematological, gynecological, astronomical, technological, astrological, phonological, ontological, campanological, paleontological, ecclesiastical, dermatological, terminological, axiological, mineralogical, criminological, bacteriological, etc.

... Best Pinoy Tambayan may inadvertently link to content that is poisonous, obscene, rotten, prurient, worthless, hate-filled, pornographic, perky, pour out, bad, sickening, unfriendly, hideous, potent, contagious ... Best Pinoy Tambayan in no way overlooks, promotes or takes legal responsibility for such content.

... the visitors of this site must agree to the disclaimer referred to above. If visitors do not agree, they should not continue to open any of the Best Pinoy Tambayan pages on this website. If you agree to this disclaimer, then you are invited to check any of the topics on this site and enjoy the knowledge and fun you're going to discover inside for free!

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