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The Manila Broadcasting Company owns the Love Radio Network, a broadcast FM radio network in the Philippines. Its headquarters are in Pasay, Manila, at the Cultural Center of the Philippine Complex. Love Radio's original format was easy listening until 2000, when it switched to Contemporary MOR, also known as the masa format.

According to the KBP's Radio Research Council Surveys and the AC Nielsen Car Survey, its flagship station is DZMB in Metro Manila (licensed to Cebu Broadcasting Company), which has been rated #1 in FM radio ratings for 15 years (from 2002 to 2017).

Love Radio was previously known as DZMB (previously broadcasting under the call letters KZRH back in 1949) when it began broadcasting on the FM band in 1975, following its initial broadcast days on the AM band. It used to play mainstream pop, but it was later relegated to easy listening music. It also introduced and institutionalized deep-voiced radio announcers as DZMB. Manuelito F. Luzon, DZMB's then-station manager, conceptualized the station's branding identity in the 1980s.

In the 2000s, Love Radio was reformatted to a contemporary masa, a format that had been trending on the landscape of FM radio in the country since the millennium's turn.

Chris Tsuper, Nicole Hyala, Tanya Chinita, Diego Bandido, Totoy Bato, Raqi Terra, Lala Banderas, Laboching, and Robin Sienna were among the radio DJs who participated.